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What is Hott Mess
Hott Mess is a fun entertainment musical duo who's goal is it to provide your establishment with a fun night of all your favorite hits from mutliple decades. We are all about your patrons having a good time while listening to and singing their favorite songs while being profitable for the event or establishment we are playing for.

Who is Hott Mess
Hott Mess consists of Alan Snyder & Dave Rudin. With two vocalists, who also each play guitar and piano and with over 30 years of musical experience in local bands, Hott Mess has the ability to perform a multitude of songs in a variety of configurations that few other acts can.

What does Hott Mess play?
Because of our diversified abilities, the Hott Mess setlist is extremely varied, cosisting of decades of hits that your audience will enjoy. From subtle background music to a full blow band party, Hott Mess can perform in a variety of settings.

Hott Mess is self-contained
With our state-of-the-art PA, lighting and technology, Hott Mess provides everything for our shows. Our setup is compact, we don't need much space to add entertainment to your event.

Hott Mess plays what type of events?
Hott Mess will play virtually any type of event. From weddings to funerals, if you need entertainment for your function, Hott Mess can fulfill your needs. Anytime you need some entertainment, Hott Mess is available on your schedule, according to your needs. Pop, Adult, Rock, Contemporary, Alternative, Party, Disco, Dance, Hair - it's all there!

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It's a fun night for all when it's a Hott Mess!

Hott Mess Music
Featured Artists
Cars, Jimmy Eat World, Bad Company, Foo Fighters, Poison, Genesis, Kings of Leon, Blink 182, Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Live, Bon Jovi, Smashing Pumpkins, Human League, Backstreet Boys, Eagles, Concrete Blonde, Alanis Morisette, Tommy Tutone, Romantics, Meridyth Brooks, Air Supply, Led Zeppelin, The Cure, Rod Stewart, U2, Brian Adams, Rolling Stones, Pat Benetar, Kiss, Queensryche, Filter, Katrina and the Waves, 4 Non Blondes, Harvey Danger, Bowling for Soup, Fleetwood Mac, Cindy Lauper, Green Day, Journey, Dokken, Aerosmith, Nirvana, Beatles